For several years we have hosted viewing parties for TV shows that several of us have wanted to watch together. In some years there are 2-3 shows that the group wants to watch, so several people record several of the shows.

Before we created SureToMeet, it was hard to schedule several weeks of viewing parties. It was almost funny watching the host on his cell phone and landline phone talking to two people while he was IMing someone else!

Now, each person’s comments on the event page create a temporary “community” as they keep updating their notes about which shows they’re bringing, plans for food, etc.

We recently saw the pilots for several new TV shows. We chose the first show of the new season that we all want to watch; and we’ll pick another soon, I’m sure. Viewing parties have been a great way to nurture friendships. Ask several friends and acquaintances which new TV show they like, then host a party each week and watch it together.