Many business people are reevaluating every expenditure to ensure that every dollar produces value.
This reevaluation includes memberships in associations and other business groups.

Shira Levine wrote a good reminder on six ways to get value from joining an association:  A Good Business Move: Joining Associations

Her main theme is that it takes more than just paying an association’s membership dues in order to get the most value from the membership — it takes an investment of time.

Shira Levine’s  specialties include:

  • Strategy for scaling, engaging, retaining, managing online customer communities for consumer and enterprise
  • Supply-side marketplace community engagement for retail, gig economy, sharing economy
  • Storytelling: unlocking your community’s UGC to tell your brand’s story
  • Reward & retention programs for VIPs
  • Community segmentation & analytics
  • Activation campaigns using content, social media and events
  • Engagement and monetization targeting
  • Translating critical consumer insights into profitable product improvements
  • Customer advocacy & voice of the customer
  • Strategic social media campaigns
  • Growing and managing domestic and global teams
  • All tactics positioned for scaling new communities or communities at scale