Busy career couples need to find ways to keep their relationships healthy and vibrant… and travel on holidays can add time and intensity to good relationships.Consider planning a trip for you and your sweetheart for holidays such as Valentine’s Day. New research commissioned by the U.S. Travel Association, found at TravelEffect.com, reports couples who travel together are significantly more satisfied with their relationships, enjoying better sex and improved romance long after the trip ends.

“What we’ve long known anecdotally, we’re now proving through authoritative research: travel has a positive effect on relationships,” says Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, which launched the “Travel Effect” campaign this month to boost awareness of travel’s benefits. “Couples who travel together have healthier, happier relationships compared to those who do not travel together. This Valentine’s Day, couples should strengthen their relationships in a meaningful way and take a trip together.”

Key research findings

  • Couples prefer taking a short trip to receiving gifts
  • Traveling alone together sparks romance
  • Couples who travel together report having a better sex life than those who don’t
  • Couples who travel together have more time for intimacy and sex

“Couples who take time to vacation alone together at least once each year report happier, healthier relationships overall compared to those who do not travel as couples,” says Pam Loeb, principal of Edge Research, who conducted the telephone survey of 1,100 adults.

For additional survey results, visit www.traveleffect.com

Travel plus Professional Meetings and Events

It is becoming more common that couples extend a trip for business — such as a conference or convention — for pleasure.  And it is also common to bring along the “other half” of a relationship.  Many companies are recognizing that busy schedules need the flexibility of having a couple carve out time to make memories together and that traveling together can make that beneficial for both the employee and their other half.

The Realities of Traveling as a Couple

Traveling as a couple allows you to share something uniquely special with each other. Like seeing a giant Leatherback turtle lay her eggs in the moonlight, driving on insane roads to visit a project under a volcano or witnessing whole cows being butchered for the village celebration.

Source:  http://fivepointfive.org/the-reality-of-travelling-as-a-couple/

Teamwork requires patience, acceptance and finding the adventure in the adversity! And couples who travel together have rich opportunities to deepen their people skills — a definite plus in today’s business world.