Sponsors need to tell people face-to-face about their products and services. You, as an event organizer bring people together face-to-face. What could be more natural than getting together to create a productive event for sponsors, attendees and event organizers?

Easier said than done! Matching sponsors with the proper event sponsorship opportunity take a goal, yes, but it also take specific project management skills and emotional investment.

The project requires

  • knowing what language to use that captures sponsor attention,
  • what channels can be used to approach potential sponsors,
  • how to write a market-designed event sponsorship proposal,
  • and in the end, how to shape value for both the sponsors and the attendees

Roberta Vigilance has written a book entitled “How to Secure Sponsors Successfully” in which she provides strategies and tools to help event organizers attract and support event sponsors with successful events.

Roberta is an experienced event sponsorship consultant. She shares her tips for effective events supported by sponsors and shapes a marketing strategy, from the event organizer’s perspective — “Because of you, your sponsors are fully aware of who they are placing their brand in front of.”

Be Passionate:  Be the FIRST enthusiast who leads the way from strangers in the room to connections brought together because YOU know these people can benefit from knowing one another!

Know Your Audience:  Events are most often designed and implemented  for specialized groups of people who share common goals, problems and potential solutions.  When you know your audience’s haves and wants — their needs and strategies, you can broker a great sponsorship event that helps your attendees find solutions for their specific needs.

Help Sponsors Achieve their Goals:  First, you need to know what the sponsor’s goals ARE.  Then you need to creatively help them achieve their goals.  There is a difference in event design for a meet and greet, and a product introduction to a new market.

Be Honest and Knowledgeable:  Promise only what you can deliver. Know what you can deliver.  Know what the sponsor wants delivered.  And know what your Attendees want.  And plan accordingly.

Be Persistent, Helpful and Effective:  Pitching your proposal takes finding the right person or committee in the sponsor’s company, arranging a meeting far enough in advance of the event, helping design an experience for great results, and smoothing the way at the event itself.  Selling a sponsorship is just the first step.  Implementation is where you earn your stripes… and your ROI!

For more information about Roberta Vigilance’s services and book (How to Secure Sponsors Successfully), see http://www.eventsandsponsors.com.