Amy Cuddy’s TED video provides great insights into the art and science of body language and communications for success in business and life.

Networking skills include body language when you meet prospects, colleagues and your clients. It’s important to observe how you are communicating your inner messages, as well as your verbal ideas.

10 Body Language Tips

Forbes provides 10 simple and powerful body language tips that can boost your confidence in face-to-face networking and meetings.

Research from Harvard and Columbia Schools shows that holding your body in expansive “high power” poses (standing tall with shoulders pulled back, widening your stance, spreading your arms to expand into space) raises testosterone (the hormone linked to power and self-confidence) and lowers the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. This hormonal effect is actually reversed, the researchers discovered, when you contract yourself physically, (hunch your shoulders, tuck your chin down, etc.) assuming postures that make you look defensive and lacking in confidence.

Other tips include how to spot a liar; using a smile to make difficult tasks easier; sending early engagement signals to reach an agreement; how to encourage collaboration; when to hand out your business card; why you need to curb your enthusiasm at times; how to defuse a tense situation with your body posture; how to exit with a “seal the deal” impression, and how to engage your team to help you improve your body language expertise.