Meet the SureToMeet Team

We span disciplines and continents, and share a common dream:  to help our families, friends and business associates find compatible people, and meet them face to face.  

Our mission is simple: “Make Matching Simple!” But the underlying work is incredibly complex.  Not only are we making our MatchUp matching system productive, we also want to make it the best in the world…allowing people to find their most compatible matches at real-time events, from neighborhood business mixers to huge, multi-venue conventions.


Cofounder and CEO: Carolyn Allen  ~  Mom provided not only pizza and root beer for all the father-and-son weekend sessions, but also contributed her marketing communications and community leadership experiences to the system design and development.  Carolyn stumbled upon the idea for a “business match-making” system when she, as Creative Director of Allen Marketing, a high-tech marketing agency, observed the difficulty entrepreneurs had finding the right team members and early employees.  Chris added his insightful technical skills and Cliff added his business networking and marketing design experiences… and voila… SureToMeet was created.  Carolyn has since assumed the role of CEO and heads up the development stage marketing and outreach efforts to let the business community know that she feels their pain and has found a better way to network productively.


Chris Allen

Cofounder and COO: Chris Allen  ~  This family business has spanned the generations with Chris’ programming and systems design.  An Academy Awards® winner for his systems work in the movie industry, Chris collaborated with his father to develop the powerful computational engine behind the SureToMeet system.  As COO and technical director he is responsible for the development and launch of MatchUp, our patented matching system for event Attendees, Organizers and Sponsors.


Chief Digital Officer:  David Hylton ~ A Tokyo-based entrepreneur, international communications professional,  university educator and father of three…and long-time fan of the Allen team.  When he first learned about SureToMeet’s development of the MatchUp system, he hopped on a plane and flew from Tokyo to L.A. to see the prototype firsthand.  His strong belief that SureToMeet’s MatchUp System will revolutionize event networking has led him to commit himself to the SureToMeet team.  He is passionate about building social businesses and is excited about bringing his years of international communications and digital strategy experience to shape SureToMeet’s online and service system strategies…and is especially thrilled about sharing the MatchUp System with the rest of the world. 


Cliff Allen

Cofounder and former CEO: Cliff Allen  ~  Although we are a startup, our underlying technology has a long and stable development history.  Our late founder, Cliff Allen, was an early adopter of computer technology, but even then he saw the potential of connecting computers and having them talk to each other.  Cliff went on to pioneer sophisticated business search and segmentation systems long before Google, Amazon or Facebook were even ideas.  He applied the technology in the high-tech marketing industry and his team of programmers developed a patented, real-time matching system which is at the core of the SureToMeet business.  Interestingly, this powerful system has a wide range of potential applications outside of our current specialization in people matching; and it was Cliff’s desire to eventually explore those applications as well.