The Company

SureToMeet, LLC is a technology company with decades of experience in the events and one-to-one marketing fields.  We have married those two areas of expertise in a new product design. Due to the death of our founding CEO, we are seeking a new home for MatchUp, a multi-sided platform for business and social networking.  

Contact:  Carolyn Allen, CEO ~ 310-400-4146  ~  ~  12303 Virtuoso, Irvine, CA 92620

The Challenge

Finding the right person or people in a room is the challenge every business person faces when they try to recruit clients, employees, vendors or colleagues.  You know the right people are there because the organizer invited like-minded people… but how do you find each other across a crowded room?

In a networking mixer, it is generally accepted that you can meet only about 3-5 people per hour… so how do you quickly connect with your most compatible matches?  We have created the solution.  

But we have a challenge, too.  Finding the right partner to fully develop and deploy MatchUp, the matching system that provides a robust revenue potential, excellent matching and flexibility for the event organizer to match the needs of their unique group.

If  MatchUp were fully functional, we’d be able to quickly find our best partner — but it’s not, so we are approaching you the old fashioned way.  Let’s talk!  

Features and Benefits

MatchUp is a “customizable business networking matching system”. Here are the basic features and benefits:

  • Attendees and Sponsors save time and effort by getting a matched list of the most compatible people at the event — directed to convenient meeting spots — and provided with follow-up strategies
  • The Organizer’s interface provides a library of suggested matching criteria, and allows tailoring by the Organizer and real-time crowd-sourced customization at each event
  • Organizer and Sponsor tools provide multiple streams of revenue for events
  • The system is scalable from one-room mixers to the largest multi-venue tradeshows
  • Event Attendees can tailor their input and results in real-time, ensuring higher quality results, and less wasted time and frustration
  • Event Sponsors enjoy customized matching, easy connections and respectful follow-up with compatible Attendees
  • Sponsors can host MatchUp networking mixers at large events and inside their own corporate organizations

Our Market

Business networking is part of many events:  professional association meetings, trade shows, conferences and stand alone networking mixers.  The market is not only local, but regional, national and international.  Our product will serve a wide spectrum of unique opportunities because it can be tailored by each and every event organizer.

There are approximately 250,000 conferences, 10,000 trade shows that that are prime prospects for networking event matching. There are approximately 70 million individual attendees at these business events.  And there are channels to get to these potential clients through multiple event registration and management services.

Source: The Convention Industry Council’s 2009 study, “The Economic Significance of Meetings to the U.S. Economy,” quantifies the economic contributions made by the nearly 1.8 million tradeshows, conventions, congresses, incentive events, and other meetings that took place across the country.

Table 1 Number of Meetings and Participants by Meeting Type

Meeting Type Meetings Participants % Participants
Corporate/Business Meetings 1,298,300 113,337,000 50%
Conventions/Conferences/Congresses 273,700 60,960,000 27%
Trade Shows 10,900 26,768,000 12%
Incentive Meetings 67,700 9,172,000 4%
Other Meetings 182,600 14,710,000 7%
Total 1,833,200 224,947,000 100%

Table 2 Number of Meetings and Participants by Host Type

Host Type Meetings Participants % Participants
Corporate 1,017,000 109,571,000 49%
Association/Membership 315,400 59,495,000 26%
Non-Government, Not-For-Profit 432,100 51,572,000 23%
Government 68,600 4,308,000 2%
Total 1,833,200 224,947,000 100%


Our product is used by event organizers to tailor the matching service to their specific group’s needs. The product is scalable to whatever the cloud can handle.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg of potential applications. Consider the possibility of applying matching technology to niches such as employment, student placement, government services, etc.

Here’s what we can provide in order to develop and launch this system:

  • Intellectual property that can give you a rapid pathway to a launch, and a long-term competitive edge including a marketing plan, investment plan, and a library of digital marketing content
  • A complete, thorough wireframe and design specification to jump-start and implement product development
  • A utility patent for the product design
  • Ongoing consultation as needed about product design, technology and our package of intellectual property