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Have you ever encouraged a friend or associate to attend a networking event with you, only to have them say, “I’m too shy and quiet to go to networking events.” You’ve probably thought about how most of the people you’ve met at networking events are a bit shy, too.

In fact, when was the last time you saw a loud, boisterous salesperson at a networking event? The stereotypical salesperson at networking events is long gone because it just doesn’t work.
When I saw the post by Lindsey Pollak Why Shy People Make Great Networkers I thought about a person I’ve known for several years. He considers himself somewhat shy, yet he attends many events, has a large business and social network — and is always in demand by large companies.

Lindsay tells the five reasons why she thinks shy people make great networkers:

  1. They ask for personal referrals
  2. They are polite
  3. They listen more than they talk
  4. They bring a wingman (or woman)
  5. They network online

When you read Lindsey’s detailed explanation of those points, think about how these techniques fit your personality for networking.

Networking is nothing more than nurturing personal relationships that create opportunities for people to help each other.

So, share Lindsey’s post with friends who you would like to see attend networking events with you. You might have a new networking buddy!

Collecting business cards at networking events and making notes about each person you meet is a great first step in building a network.

The next step is to start communicating with your new contacts to build the relationship.

After a business networking event take time to send each person you met an e-mail letting them know you’re glad you met them at the event.

Refer to something they said or to a common interest you discussed with them. be sure to mention ways to work together near future.

Letting people know that you enjoyed talking with them helps them remember you — and it helps you recall the reasons you wanted to stay in touch with them.

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