Welcome to Chapter 2 of the SureToMeet blog…

Cliff Allen, my late husband, started this blog about productive networking and shared many articles and tips for attendees at networking events, as well as tips for the organizers of networking events — business, social and civic.

Since Cliff’s passing, my son and I have taken over the SureToMeet mission — we maintained the online event registration service for several years until we clarified our more permanent direction to keep up with changes in the industry.  In 2014 we received a patent on a “Matching system for networking at events” and have been busy researching, prototyping and implementing this system and supporting Web presence.

We’re there! We’re expanding our team, and developing robust services on the SureToMeet website for your use.

We will kick off this new chapter of the SureToMeet Blog and an expanded Web system to provide training and support for business networkers, event organizers and sponsors who also want to support the events in their industry and/or locality.

MatchUp is our new service, and we’ll be revealing more about it as it is launched.  In the meantime, we hope you will join our community to help put the final shape to this powerful tool for productive networking at business events. Please join today as either a Business Networker, or an Organizer.

Carolyn Allen
CEO, SureToMeet