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Leading Edge Features Match Compatibilities at Real-Time Events!

Now there is a better, easier, and more effective way to match compatible people at your events.

Networking Frustrations!

I can't choose who I want to meet at an event Checkmark
I meet people I have nothing in common withCheckmark
Find who is MOST compatible at the eventCheckmark
I have multiple interests and want to change my search at the eventCheckmark
As an Organizer, I need to customize and manage the eventCheckmark
Cost is a consideration!Checkmark
As a Sponsor I want to meet people who are interested in my specific offeringsCheckmark

Add SureToMeet MatchUp Solutions!

Attendee Control of Profile InformationCheckmark
Compatibility Matching SoftwareCheckmark
Real-time Compatibility Ranking ListCheckmark
Social Media Connection LinksCheckmark
Change matching criteria on the flyCheckmark
Library of Conversation StartersCheckmark
Real-time Meeting Spot CoordinationCheckmark
Pay As You Go!Checkmark
Connect with interested prospects-- face to faceCheckmark
Chanage matching criteria on the flyCheckmark

SureToMeet | MatchUp turns rewarding conversations into better connections.

Frustration is growing...
Serendipity isn't good enough anymore!

MatchUp solution

MatchUp features are designed to eliminate
the frustrations of struggling to
meet the BEST people at YOUR mixers.

Smartphone MatchUps
can enhance your mixer success!

MatchUp Spot Groups

Smartphone apps deliver real-time matches
for productive conversation.
MatchUp is crowd-sourced, organizer refined and mobile.

SureToMeet | MatchUp turns compatible matches at your events into
engaging conversations and matches into better connections!


SureToMeet Networking Matchup App

For attendees, a MatchUp is as simple as 1-2-3-4!

Attendees control their MatchUp participation from their smartphone's web browser.
  1. Select the type of people to meet.
  2. Answer questions used to match you to like-minded people .
  3. Review and select the best like-minded matches to meet in the bustling event.
  4. We help you find these like-minded people by directing you to a meeting Spot.
  5. Visit and just "click" to exchange contact information.
SureToMeet Networking Matchup App