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If you are an Event Organizer, opt-in to the SureToMeet mailing list then register on the Memberships Page for the Pre-launch Organizer Membership and enjoy more than 90% off the Premium Organizer Membership.  With your subscription, you not only get all the benefits of the Business Networker Membership, but you gain first-adopter access to our exciting new event matching system called MatchUp™.  Watch the demo video on the home page or on the Resources page.  With the MatchUp System you can drive greater networking engagement, and dramatically improve your matching results no matter whether you manage a room of a few dozen attendees, or multiple venues with tens of thousands.  Your attendees will soon be able to pinpoint their most compatible matches and arrange meet-ups, all in real time!

If you are an Event Sponsor, there has never been a better time to explore mobile time-location sensitive inbound-marketing efforts.  We are very interested in speaking with you directly about how we can help you find the right audience for your marketing goals. Please give us a call us at: 1-310-827-2510 or send us a message using the form on our Contact Page. Don't forget to let us know your phone number and the best time to call.

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